ABoards Neoprene Wetsuit 5/4/3, Ultra Soft


ABoards wetsuit resembles new generation of warm and super stretchy suits for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, wakeboarders and other fans of watersports. Wetsuits are made of multiple high grade neoprene panels in a technologically advanced process to closely follow the body anatomy to ensure maximum comfort and minimal muscle stress during extensive physical work-out. Close fit to the body shape together with double neck collar inside and special shape of arm and leg holes ensure minimal water penetration inside the wetsuit even at extreme conditions. Special drainage holes in the lower suit area quickly remove any water penetrated.

Usage of high grade Termotex and SCX neoprene in combination with non-porous, reinforced and stretchy OUTSIDE materials guarantee low water absorption, resulting in quick dry properties during and after riding. Anti-soaking characteristics mean the light weight of the wetsuit even when wet. Outside coating of neoprene is reinforced to make it stronger and more durable and avoid damaging of the suit from contact with harness, kite, wake or surf board and other hard or sharp objects.

Warm, soft and flexy materials are used for INSIDE jersey at contact with the body to provide comfort and avoid unpleasant feeling or rubbing of skin during riding. Special Towel-like brushed like sheets in combination with fleece like panels avoid sticking of inside fabrics to the body and ensures skin breathing and warm feeling at wide range of temperatures.

For protection of rider against crashes special rib-protect shock shields at sides, reinforced and elastic croc-skin knee pillows and shin protect panels are installed.

Feature list:

  • Ultra soft and stretchy riding costume
  • Anatomic construction
  • Minimal muscle stress and freedom of movement
  • Multiple panels of Termotex  and SCX neoprene
  • Termotex neoprene  for high heat retention ratio
  • SCX neoprene with excellent stretch and flex parameters
  • Towel-like  brushed inside jersey
  • Fleecy, soft and warm feeling on skin
  • Blindstitch glued seams
  • Water repellent outside coating
  • Light weight of wet costume
  • Soft outside neck panel
  • Double-neck collar inside
  • YKK metal zipper head
  • Rib-protect shock shields
  • Reinforced elastic croc-skin knee pillows
  • Shin protect pads at inside in front
  • Separate ankle velcro straps
  • Premium TEX-rubber graphics

Sizes: 46/XS, 48S, 50M,  52L, 54XL, 56XXL.

Thickness: 5/4/3.

Retail price: 294 EUR.

Source: www.aboards.eu

1 Response to “ABoards Neoprene Wetsuit 5/4/3, Ultra Soft”

  1. February 4, 2010 at 5:55 am


    My favourtie Neoprene wetsuit. Really wondoerful images of wetsuit here and fabulous information in this post.


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