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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Dear All !

May the joys and blessings of holiday bring another harvest year to you and your family.
Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Aboards Kiteboarding Team


Joy on snow ESCAPE!

Winter always comes earlier as expected. But no pity about that – all you need is great winter board for getting fun snow time. ESCAPE is an excellent all round twintip board for all-zones snowkiting and snowboarding on various terrains. High control of board even when riding very fast allows stabilize board easily on various conditions be it snowkiting on upwind or snowboarding ride on rough or uneven slope. Add outstanding maneuverability and upwind, remarkable grip and edge control and good pop with balanced flex and you will get ESCAPE  – ripping winter board for snowkiting and snowboarding!


Ask for ESCAPE 2014 to your local dealers or turn to


Snow machine REVERSE 2014!

There is always snow somewhere and the best way to enjoy it is with brilliant snowkiteboard REVERSE! This true twintip winter board with reverse camber will be excellent choice for snowkiting and snowboarding. Snowkiters will appreciate greatly such board features as colossal grip and edge control; massive pop and balanced flex; excellent maneuverability and upwind. While boards outline and radius make REVERSE great also for snowboarding; twintip shape as well rockered tips giving preferences as on slopes as snow parks. If looking for fun and qualitative time on snow definitely get acquainted with amazing snowkiting + snowboarding winter board REVERSE 2014!


Ask for REVERSE 2014 to your local dealers or turn to


Snowkite adventures from Alex

Featuring trustful companion – ABoards REVERSE snowkiteboard.





Get ready for snow season!

Winter is coming and snow will be here soon. ABoards are ready to be your fun assistant in snow season as well!
ABoards winter boards will be great source of fun either with or without kite. To delight you even more time proven excellent features of both models REVERSE & ESCAPE have been complemented with bright and cheerful designs for good mood in any weather conditions.
Take a look on ABoards snowboards and choose your toy for winter!

snowkiteboard REVERSE with rocker

snowkiteboard ESCAPE

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White Shore – the snowkite story

If you have ever doubted can kiting on snow be as good as on water check out White Shore snowkiting movie. Dedicated kiting fans take the best what is given by the snow and enjoy it fully. Quebec’s winter snowkiting tales by Vincent Bergeron for your attention.



ABoards new winter gallery

Winter Gallery in ABoards website is upadated for more convenient viewing and regular uploads. If you have interesting and worthy photos with ABoards which you would like to share internationally, send them to us and we will put it online.

To visit new winter gallery CLICK HERE>>>

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Snowkiting in photos events in Idaho & Utah USA

Powdered action in pictures from Kite Soldier Idaho (19.02-21.02) and Snowkite Masters Utah (27.02-01.03) USA by rider Matt Thames who rides for Aboards Kiteboarding USA, Epic kites and Mystic.

The Snowkite Soldier event in Fairfield, Idaho provides access to some of the best snowkiting in North America. The terrain in Fairfield has it all, from rolling hills to huge cliff drops and extreme avalanche slopes, there is something for everyone. Skyline, Utah was amazing. Lots of great people came out and the weather produced nice wind and snow every day.



Snowkite night session in Quebec Canada

Credit: Vincent Bergeron
Rider: Félix Gourdeau
Kite: 12 & 9 m Vegas (Vie Sportive, Québec)
Board: ABoards 158 (KiteForce, Montréal)


Credit: Vincent Bergeron
Rider: Félix Gourdeau
Kite: 12 & 9 m Vegas (Vie Sportive, Québec)
Board: ABoards 158 (KiteForce, Montréal)Credit: Vincent Bergeron
Rider: Félix Gourdeau
Kite: 12 & 9 m Vegas (Vie Sportive, Québec)
Board: ABoards 158 (KiteForce, Montréal)

Profile snowkite rider ABoards Kiteboarding 2010: Thomas Ligonnet

Nationality: 1/2 french 1/2 spanish
Date of birth: 28/06/1973
Lives: Cadiz (Spain) Chamonix (France)
Sponsors:  ABoards Kiteboarding, Ozone kites, Kitefrenzy
Gear: Aboards snowkiteboard 158cm, Ozone kites
Personal website:

Started riding: Snowboard in 1985, Kitboarding 1999, Snowkiting 2000
Industry experience: R&D for Rossignol snowboards, R&D for ABoards Kiteboarding snowkiteboard, snow & ski instructor, photoshoots for KiteWorld, Kiteboarder, Sideoff.
Competitions: French snowboard half´pipe champion 1998, Andalucian kiteboard champion 2009, 9th kpwt 2009 Portugal… Did to many competition on my snowboard don’t like it any more…

LIKES: Spending quality time with my family wife and daughter, surfing nice glassy waves with just a few more surfers, snowboarding in the powder with my friends, and any peace full place like the  hight mountains of Chamonix… People that show respect to other and to nature

Favorite riding style: All type, free-riding, waves, powder, wake style, big airs
Best spots: Chamonix 4 snow, caños de meca (spain) & the cost of marroco
Favorite tricks: flat backside 3 indy…

What motivates you:  good condiciones and places, like nice flat water with soft wind’s, wave with stronger wind’s, Powder snow…
Lesson of life: Show respect to people and places and take your time
DISLIKES: egoists,  bad attitide, mainly people that think or act like they are the center of the univers, shoppy water and snow, my new surfboard getting ding..

Worst kiteboarding moment: Snowkiting up a long and steep (+35º)couloir, been over powered and getting to the top ( maybe 200m from start) the wind was got stronger and stronger and  i got lifted in the air and started flying back into the valley (would have been a verry big  and hight and long flight…) but my kite droped me back down in the midel of a rock fiel, luckily  i failed in the snow) then the kite sarted falling and got powered up again and drag me arround for a few metres then it finaly crashed behind a rock and got un-powered… I went down snowboarding the same shoot straight to the car and drove 600km back home (it was on a trip to Bernina Pass in Switzerland)


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