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All-round wonder Flip 2014

Great all rounder Flip 2014 is here! Flips construction makes this kiteboard excellent fit for various conditions. With Flip kiteboard you don’t need to worry about staying upwind and can get fun by doing various tricks. Furthermore Flip’s ability to forgive mistakes will allow to learn new tricks quickly, this makes Flip great kiteboard for all skill level riders. Schools especially will love durability characteristics provided by 100% wood core. Simplicity is genius – due to its outline, medium rocker and flex this wonderful all-round kiteboard will provide everything what’s necessary for easy and fun riding!


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Meeting with Z 2014

Most popular kiteboard from ABoards line is here!  Welcome to get acquainted with Z-series 2014 amazing freeride/freestyle kiteboard. Whether you are experienced kiter already many years on water or only recently have joined to this great lifestyle; can’t decide do you love more freestyle or freeride, either of ways you can’t go wrong with Z-series kiteboard. Easy control; medium flex; balanced pop –  these and other great features make Z-series brilliant kiteboard for of all level riders and excellent golden mean between 2 styles. Welcome to meet Z-series 2014!

Z-series Kiteboard

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2014 has started – welcome to meet Glider 2014!

ABoards Kiteboarding is glad to introduce with the 1st kiteboard from collection 2014! Being brilliant light wind and school kiteboard Glider has acquired many fans overall the world. So many that some of them even needed to wait for collection 2014 to get this amazing kiteboard on their hands. Now the moment has come and Glider 2014 is here for everyone!
Outmost upwind performance; easy maneuvering; great floatation are only few of excellent Glider characteristics. If you looking for kiteboard who will keep you on water while others are staying on shore or just came in Kiteboarding world and want fast progression definitely get acquainted with Glider 2014!

Kiteboard Glider 2014
Other kiteboards will follow in nearest time.
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Get ready for snow season!

Winter is coming and snow will be here soon. ABoards are ready to be your fun assistant in snow season as well!
ABoards winter boards will be great source of fun either with or without kite. To delight you even more time proven excellent features of both models REVERSE & ESCAPE have been complemented with bright and cheerful designs for good mood in any weather conditions.
Take a look on ABoards snowboards and choose your toy for winter!

snowkiteboard REVERSE with rocker

snowkiteboard ESCAPE

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ABoards collection 2013 launched and online!

ABoards collection 2013 launched and online! Welcome to step in and get acquainted!

New collection has been designed to give you the best assistance for your progress and bunch of positive emotions each day spent on the water with us. We have done everything to brighten up your day! Make your choice and turn to your nearest dealer or directly to us.

Aboards Kiteboarding collection 2013


Month of W-series!

Only one month from June 22nd to July 22nd W-series available for price of Z-series!
Check out all excellent features of W-series on:
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special offer for wakestyle cable board W-series


ABoards Kiteboarding FLIP 2011

2011 FLIP is a fine all-round board with for kiters enjoying flex and durability characteristics provided by 100% wood core. Flip 2011 board will be a good fit for riders of various riding style and level. Board’s shape in combination with tunnel concave bottom deck will ensure excellent edging and upwind ability. It comes in 4 sizes, with 134cm WIDE version to provide a board for both normal and also light wind days.

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ABoards snow+kiteboard 2010 presentation

ABoards 2010 snowkiteboards are 100% made in Europe Union in specialized and technologically advanced production facilities. Each core is produced of CNC cut mixed wood and laminated in high pressure moulds to ensure maximum strength and durability without compromising necessary flex and riding characteristics. In central part of the board along both edges  special stringers are placed in the core for torsion control and grip on the edge at higher loads and extra pull in kite assisted riding. Result is highest quality twintip board with wide variety of stance options, excellent jibing and maneuverability, optimal balance between pop and flex needed for freestyle/freeride oriented snowkiting and snowboarding.

Special features:

  • freestyle/freeride
  • easy jibing and maneuverability
  • balanced flex and pop
  • dynamic radius
  • mixed wood core
  • anti-torsion edge stringers for grip and control
  • glossy diamond top sheet
  • stress-proof extruded base
  • stance 52-68cm

155 cm
158 cm
161 cm

More information read HERE>>


Special features:Special features:

Glider 2010 from ABoards Kiteboarding

GLIDER 2010 is heavily improved board from compared to last year. It has become a dedicated 3D board for light wind conditions and for teaching in kiteschools to allow fast progression with a bigger and wider board. New GLIDER features strengthened central part of the board for excellent upwind and edge control and various flex level tips. Its outline is specifically designed for light wind and school conditions. Extra width is added to the board to ensure early planning. Board has balanced flex. Composite core, special anti-scratch cover and ABS bumper rails ensure maximum strength and durability at reasonable weight.


Features of GLIDER

  • light wind / school board
  • extra width for stability and early planning
  • 3D flexible top deck
  • tunnel concave bottom deck
  • light wind and school specific outline
  • composite core for maximized strength and light weight
  • bi-directional flex tips with Upwinders – extended outline at tips
  • glossy top sheet finishing
  • snowboard base technology bottom sheet
  • durable anti-scratch cover
  • ABS bumper rails

147 x 45
154 x 48
164 x 50

More information on ABoards Kiteboarding 2010 website.


X-series 2010 from ABoards Kiteboarding


X-series of ABoards Kiteboarding 2010 board collection is the highest performance 3D board oriented for new school freestyle/wakestyle riding. In 2010 the board has specially widened stance position to satisfy wishes of the most hard core rippers. In addition bunch of extra inserts is added to each foot to accommodate not only leading binding types in kitewake assortment but also classical wakeboard bindings of most producers from 6 up to 8 inches. The board has specially enforced core and is manufactured with snowboard technology making it balanced light weight, super strong and durable. Board’s geometry, rocker and core are specially fine-tuned for kite wake-style riding.

IMG_1852 OK Copy

Features of X-series:
• wakestyle/freestyle riding
• extra widened stance
• compatibility with kite wake and wakeboard bindings
• kiteboard rocker adapted for wakestyle
• combined core with integrated anti-stress stringers
• special geometry customized for powered moves and pop
• 3D top deck with multiple flex zones
• bi-directional flex tips
• tunnel concave bottom deck
• anti-spray cuts
• Upwinders – extended outline tips
• ABS bumper rails
• premium graphics
• glossy top sheet finishing
• snowboard base technology bottom sheet
• durable anti-scratch cover

128 x 39.0 (limited edition)
131 x 40.0
134 x 40.5
137 x 42.0

More information on ABoards Kiteboarding 2010 website.

Sizes of X-series:

· 128 x 39.0 (limited edition)

· 131 x 40.0

· 134 x 40.5

· 137 x 42.0

July 2020