Up to grab with man`s best friend!

Like many kiteboarders, I went to Brazil last winter to train in the perfect lagoons and to learn some new tricks.

I met great people there and two especially, Calabresa and Ameixa. You dont know them? They’re local guys at Taiba lagoon, they were my best supporters over there, always looking out for me… or should I say chasing me!

These two cuties are Kate’s dogs but for some reasons they were running after me all day long at the lagoon, watching me crashing and improving everyday. They would even bring my board back to the shore when I lost it and took care of me during my downwinders.

At the begining I was not really comfortable with them, as I didn`t know the dogs. Ameixa is quite big but after a while I get used to it and enjoyed kiting and playing with them in the lagoon.

It’s quite a dangerous game by the way, as sometimes I landed my tricks so close to them but its part of the fun for them and I think they like to play dangerous games.

I remember one session in Brazil it was only me, Kate and the two dogs in the lagoon, it was maybe one of my best sessions over there, I could really focus on my trick and be very concentrated. Kate and the dogs where there to encourage and help me out to add some style on my tricks. I could land some of my best front mobe 5 and others freestyle tricks.

I think that kiting with is good fun with friends (or dogs) and focusing on your tricks is the way how to learn some hard freestyle moves.


Aymeric_doggies-copyAymeric with Ameixa and Calabresa at Taiba lagoon

Aymeric_doggies2 - CopyAymeric on W-series board

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