Reverse 2011 – snowboard with rocker – ABoards Kiteboarding

For number of years ABoards has kept on developing winter boards that can be used both for snowkiting and snowboarding. For season 2010/11 ABoards is glad to present 2 board models:

  • REVERSE  – winter board with reverse camber (with kiteboard-like rocker)
  • ESCAPE – winter board with normal camber (negative rocker)

REVERSE is an ultimate freestyle twintip board with rocker . The latest developments in snowboard & snowkiteboard industry have resulted in launch of snowboards that have rocker similar to kiteboard and wakeboards. REVERSE 2011 board from ABoards has flat section in between the feet and upward bent tips with rocker in area after inserts till nose/tail. Board posses medium rocker of 4mm at tips.

Sizes of REVERSE snowkite + snowboard:

  • 155 cm
  • 158 cm
  • 161 cm


What is stance on REVERSE board?

Stance is ranging between 52cm-70cm. The board has improved stance options with 2×6 inserts for every feet. Insert pairs are positioned every 2cm so you can adjust stance very precisely.

Why is rocker / reverse camber needed?

Such shape provides nice edge control in the flat central part, whereas rockered tips excel the freestyle characteristics of the board providing skateboard like turning ability, much improved nose and tail pressing and fun in parks on rails and pipes. Rocker shape also ensure better riding and control in wet&slushy snow and powder due to upward bent tips.

How does REVERSE  board differs from majority of conventional snowboards?

REVERSE board is made bearing snowkiters in mind therefore it has several distinctive features:

  • special edge stringers parallel to both edges and reinforced rails that prevents board sides from twisting or bending too much on various terrain and ensures better grip and edge control necessary in kite assisted riding;
  • pop & balanced flex – based on the experience of  water kiteboards the core of REVERSE board combines several wood types and laminates to ensure the necesarry pop for freestyle tricks in unhooked snowkiteboarding;
  • wide shape – board is constructed wider than normal snowboards for 2 reasons  to ensure more planning surface and to avoid your toes or heels get caught in snowy grass, ice or any hard terrain during carving and edging in snowkite sessions;
  • 100% symetric twintip – board has centered waist and you can ride it symmetrically both sides;
  • dynamic radius – since ABoards makes winter boards with curvature at sides (in contrast to marathon or race type snowkiteboards with straight/parallel sides), then REVERSE with dynamic radius provides excellent maneuverability and upwind.

Can REVERSE be used also for snowboarding?

YES. ABoards winter team riders and clients use the same board for  snowboarding and snowkiting with great liking. The boards has outline with radius needed in snowboarding. Fact that its 100% twintip will only be bonus in park or rail sessions. Last but not least, you will be able to save good amount of $$$ for not needing to buy 2 boards.


4 Responses to “Reverse 2011 – snowboard with rocker – ABoards Kiteboarding”

  1. March 4, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    nice! I want one. I intend to try snowkiting but have not yet. I do need a more flexible snowboard for messing around in, but don’t really do half pipe etc though I am learning some tricks. I am a “good medium” snowboarder. Would you recommend this board?

  2. October 28, 2012 at 3:15 am

    What are the dimensions of the width at the nose/tail and at the center of the board. I can’t seem to find this information anywhere. I would like to know how wide it is exactly (the 2013 models). Thanks in advance.

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