W-series kite wakestyle/cable – ABoards Kiteboarding 2011


W-series is top of the line pure wakestyle 3D kiteboard to be enjoyed with kite and also in cable park. The board has hybrid rocker for the explosive pop, clean landings and minimum necessary gliding ability for kiteboarding. Besides footstraps the board can accommodate all kitewake and wakeboard binding options on the market including snowboard like wake bindings.
In 2011 the W-series features innovative 3D bottom technology with hydrodynamic stabilizer strakes. The board has specially reinforced combined wood core and is manufactured with snowboard technology making it good balance between weight, strength and flex. Boards geometry and core are specially fine-tuned for hardcore riding.
Sizes of W-series:
  • 135 x 41.0
  • 137 x 42.0
  • 141 x 43.0
  • 144 x 43.5


What wake and kitewake bindings will fit?

W-series can accommodate most type of bindings on the market: 6” (15.24cm), 6.5” (16.51cm), 7” (17.78cm) and 8” (20.32cm). W-series also go in hand with the latest developments in binding industry and is compatible with snowboard like wake bindings.

What is stance width?

W-series has various stance options from 61-73cm.

What is 3D bottom technology with hydrodynamic stabilizer strakes?

Innovative 3D bottom technology with hydrodynamic stabilizer strakes provides extra stability and board control when riding at full power.

What is hybrid rocker profile?

Most common rocker shapes are:
  • ContinuousPros: smooth release, predictable pop, soft landing. Cons: slower (like ball in water), poorer gliding and upwind, less height in the pop.

  • 3-stagePros: more explosive pop and height, better edging and upwind. Cons: hard landings.

  • Hybrid – blends best of the both rocker shapes.

W-series bottom features hybrid rocker combining continuous rocker along edges and 3-stage rocker in middle section to blend the best characteristics of both. As a result the board gives explosive pop but with benefit of not so hard landings. Hybrid rocker also ensures W-series has the minimum necessary gliding potential for upwind ability needed in kiteboarding.

What is flex level of the board?

There are several flex levels of boards:
  • Soft Pros: soft riding and landing. Cons: soft boards with enlarged rocker are slower, have poor gliding and weak pop.

  • Hard Pros: speed, gliding, pop. Cons: hard ride and landings.

  • Medium – is the middle line and balance between the two.

W-series has balanced flex so that in combination with the rocker profile it ensures explosive pop and pleasant landings. But the flex is not too soft otherwise it will bend too much and will not have any gliding and upwind ability.

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