New neoprene products from Aboards: Overknee 4/3, Short John, Neoprene coat

We are glad to introduce new products to ABoards Kiteboarding extending neoprene product line.  ABoards Kiteboarding has launched Overknee wetsuit 4/3, Short John and Neoprene coat.

-Overknee wetsuit 4/3mm
– an ideal suit for summer season kiting with ever changing weather conditions. Long arms in combination with water shield back on inside avoids water penetration through neck collar or zipper and ensures heat preservation in all of your upper body and vital organs. Shortened overknee legs provide opportunity for temperature exchange in lower extremities and also eradicates all issues with water being splashed up along ankles inside the wetsuit.

-Short John 1.5mm – multifunctional summer suit that can be used just for protecting skin under harness from abrasion on Hot days, can be used as sleeveless suit on warm days, and in combo with thermo top as a 1.5+3mm combo for cooler summer days. Easy to put on, take off and comfy to wear.

-Neoprene coat with hood 2.0mm – for various applications – as wind and humidity shield while standing on beach between sessions, as a coat for active leisure on water be it jet-ski, stand-up paddle on anything else. Neoprene coat is made form high quality, stretchy and fast-drying neoprene to ensure that the coat does not accumulate moisture in humid weather conditions and maintains light weight.

Information about other our neoprene products you can find here: http://www.aboards.eu/public/index.php?Products:Neoprene_products

Source: www.aboards.eu

1 Response to “New neoprene products from Aboards: Overknee 4/3, Short John, Neoprene coat”

  1. September 17, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    We look forward to getting the NEw Neoprene in for Customers.
    We’re having a Great Time on the ABoards Kiteboards
    and the Wetsuits are fantastic!

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