Mexican model Estrella A.Verde – joins Aboards team

Nationality: Mexican
Date of birth: 12/06/1980
Lives: Now in Playa del carmen, Mexico.. For several years as growing, I been moving around of the Caribbean sea in Mexico.
Sponsors: ABoards Kiteboarding, Starkites
Personal website: www.estrella-art.com

Started riding: all starts in surfing………

Surfing: Bocas del toro was a great place for me to really start surfing!.. finding the right place where I could easy go out to surf, with different point brecks, perfect waves, good waves. 2009 was my year to really get good at it!! realizing how incredible that sport can be, I belive is even more extreme and you don’t need more gear to carry on. All my life I try so many different times, at one point I stop trying the surf, part for it was of not been in the right spot, to be able to really learn surfing, and guess I didn’t have so much the self-discipline of padle, padle, padle, it wasn’t so much fun, until I saw the kiteboarding, I totally got hooked in; I could go every where, more action, it became easier and more fun, hahaha…

Kiteboarding: I got inspired to the sport when the crew of Realkiteboarding came to visit the island of cozumel. after that..I start & stop several times as well, part of the main reason was of not having the right gear, the wind condition were short seasons, or some other inconveniences that I couldn’t easy just get into the water and go riding.. I was just watching instructors videos of kite… until 2007 I finally got my gear set, and 2008 I move to Dominican Republic to get better at it, no longer of 3 days I start improving … DR knowing for best spot for kiting, visiting before for short holidays. In there I dedicated so much more to the sport… participating in a trip for 3 days and been part of the film secret spots in DR with the crew Starkites. In middle of 2009 I start traveling around searching for new spots with wind in panama. where later on I could mix the two sports depending on the weather conditions.

Industry experience: I am a freelance Artist, for several years I had my airbrushing company, work as a freelance photography model, modeled jewelry, promoter for few years, and now dedicating more to the interior decorations. Inviting you all , to visit my website: www.estrella-art.com

Competitions: none
I try to train in DR for the race competition, for the PKRA, but there were no race competition at the time. The whole story chance when I arrive the 1st night at extreme hotel, I got robe after that getting into very disturbing experience with a robbery & legal process, I lost all the concentration for training, I focus more on paints for work, and staying in there until everything got resolve, the history and up me leaving the country and the girl getting out of jail. not a cool history, sorry about that, but regards of adding this information, I meet as well wonderful people that help me in the way! and now good friends. During the legal process, I won the contest with the Aboards. I realized this sport now is part of my life style. I have the skills and abilities as surfing, and with better luck and more time in the water things could work out much better. However is has give me a good experience of life, stronger mind. more careful in my travels. I lost the motivation to train for a competition, I try for life! Jeje:) I enjoy extreme sports!!!..pure adrenaline!!

Best spots:
In Dominican Republic: all the bay in Cabarete from the river to Encuentro beach,
In Panama: San blas, Punta Chame, isla grande
In Mexico: Cozumel: country club, Passion island & Playa Bonita
Playa del carmen: playa venado, at the end of playacar…and new spots that I am discovering that I don’t know names but are south of the riviera & costa Maya…
Looking forward to new spots in South America!

Favorite tricks: Grabs, I like to jump high…and try moves that comes natural.

What motivates you: The ocean, The Nature, The sunrise & sunsets, Music, surrounding myself with loving and kind friends, I get inspired with artist and talent it people. what else inspired me: (?) God, enjoying life, being a good human, being healthy, Extreme sports, Adrenaline, Art.

Lesson of life: jejeje to laugh, to be happy, to share, to love, to think positive, what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger, and there is a positive lesson experience behind any adversity, to be grateful and thankful, to do the best you can, even that you best will be always changing, still try your best!. that I am very lucky in life I had meet so many wonderful people some now friends, in my travels. to be cheerful!!. I belive in magic. jejeje, there is good humans being in the world. I try to surround myself with them. if I am not. I pride!!:). life is great!!!

Favorite food: Mmm right now I will say Mexican food! hehehe when I not in diet, I like healthy & natural food, veggies, and create in every meal a fusion of cultural recipe…salads, pastas, sushi.. Italian, oriental, mediterrane…mmm I am getting hungry just think about it! hehehe. I like to try a little bite of the place I travel or visit, and eat the local fruit from the place.

Music you like: soul music…all general music, it will all depends in the occasions!

Other hobbies: yoga as a daily life discipline, beside board sports as waveboard; capoeira, jugging, swimming, diving, rollerblade, bicycle,claming, skydiving.

Photos by Francisco Whittingham & Marco Meza

Source: www.aboards.eu

4 Responses to “Mexican model Estrella A.Verde – joins Aboards team”

  1. 1 jordy scheppers
    April 27, 2010 at 11:58 am

    hi all

    pretty pictures and a very nice story, it is good
    to have some female riders on the team.

    greets from cold belgium
    jordy scheppers

  2. May 23, 2010 at 7:38 am

    Love from Israel:)

    What a free spirit….I cant wait for you to come here and give a good example to the laydies here, of how kit surfing should be….

  3. 3 Aldo
    May 31, 2010 at 5:57 am

    Great interview!

    With such a good energy all the pieces in this big puzzle called life are just gonna keep falling in their place. Keep shinning like a star

  4. November 14, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    bien paisana, hay que dar a conocer este deporte por nuestra tierra

    un saludo desde el otro lado del charco!!!

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