KITE PARTY 2009 – record number of participants


Kite Party (http://kiteparty.lv/) the largest kite boarding event in the Baltics took place from 23rd-26th of July, 2009 in Ventspils city beach at the shores of the open Baltic sea. It was attended by over 1000 people from all over the Baltics, Scandinavia, France and guests from other European countries. Among attendants were kite boarders, their friends, supporters and spectators. This year the record number of participants 127 kite boarders from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia registered for the competition.


Wind God obviously loves Kite Party and also this year blessed with an appropriate weather to make it possible for the sheer number of participants to enjoy kite boarding, relaxation and taking part in competitions. Despite the unfavourable weather forecast, which expected rain, hail and even storm, not a single rain drop was seen in Venstpils on both competition days yet more Saturday was especially sunny.


Competition Burusports Kiteboarding Cup took place in such disciplines as marathon, free style and also kite loop. Riders from Aboards team put up powered performance to take 2nd place in kite loop discipline – Gints Fenuks (ABoards Kiteboarding) and 3rd place in free style discipline to Aleksander Ogorodnikov (Aboards Kiteboarding). Congratulations, we are wholeheartedly proud of you! Prize for winners is a week’s accommodation in Dennis Beach Studio, in Rhodes, Greece, one of the most popular kite board destinations in the world.


“Within these five years Kite Party organized in Latvia has become the central and largest kite boarding event in the Baltics. I am pleased about the positive atmosphere and enthusiasm of members in this year’s event. Kite boarding is not only a sport, it is a lifestyle of progressive people and it is always a pleasure to work and relax together with such people”, says Larss Abolins, the author of the idea and organizer of Kite Party. The event was justified and as arrived counterparts from Lithuanian and Estonian said – they admire and even envy Latvia in a positive way about such event.


Overall, the event was very successful and kite boarders are already preparing for next year’s Kite Party.

More information http://kiteparty.lv/ or directly at organizers larss.abolins@tomato.lv, +37129116443.

Special thanks to everyone who attended, helped, raced and cheered for the participants.

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