ABoards Kiteboarding 2009 website launched

After an intense period of international teamwork of web specialists and designers ABoards Kiteboarding is glad to announce the launch of its 2009 new website www.aboards.eu. The website is designed as a new generation web 2.0 platform, where every user will be able to find information he needs. Information is presented in an easy to perceive manner with lots of images, videos and relevant tips and shortcuts.

The website will be continuously evolving allowing each one of you to find out the latest news and participate in contests and win prizes. Riders will be able to see & read most important features of products and technology. ABoards R&D team has spent many hours in laboratory, test stands and on the beaches to come up with an extensive 2009 water and snow board line that fits the needs of modern kiteboarding and any rider. Among the results is a composite puzzle-core that is super strong yet flexible. Special attention has been given to the cover sheets of the boards that shall neither wear-off during riding, nor under impact of UV. Also presented are new type of accessories with focus on ergonomics, comfort and ease of mounting/dismounting.

Downloads section of the website offers fancy things for your desktop and promo, as well as useful product information for those who want to feature it in their websites. New riders, schools, shops and distributors who wish to start cooperation with ABoards Kiteboarding are also welcome to the new site, where they can easily find application forms and information for cooperation. Anyone wishing to buy our products shall look into Dealers section to find the closest shop or retailer.


1 Response to “ABoards Kiteboarding 2009 website launched”

  1. 1 Saskia Michiels - Belgium Team Rider
    September 27, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    Nice website!
    Cool pics!
    Unfortunatly one mistake: it’s Belgium Team instead of Belgia Team :-;
    Keep on going this way!
    hope to see you all soon!


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